Bad Beef

In Promo by Ether

“We once bought a three pack of steaks from our local grocer.”

“It was enough for my whole family at the time. We were watering at the mouth for what we believed were three prime chunks of beef.”

“Once we opened up the pack, however, we found out that one of the steaks was fucking rotten.”

“It smelled rancid and stunk up the whole house. Many of us lost our appetites because of the stench and we promptly pitched all of the steaks as a result.”

“Which was a shame too, because the other two steaks looked and smelled like they had nothing wrong with them.”

“Just goes to show you that, like a bad apple in a bunch, a single putrid steak ruins an entire meal for the family.”

“Much like that steak, one former member of a certain group is corrupt to her very core.”

“You and your posse had it all figured out, Pyre. When you, Luke, and Zero formed the Bad Motherfuckers, you had the entire federation in the palms of your hands.”

“All of you picked up success in the form of title runs and monumental victories over just about every member of the roster. Hell, you even had the longest reign with the tag belts of all time, lasting just about a year before Simon told you to drop them.”

“When Ring of Dreams came around, everyone expected you to walk out of the arena with those divorce papers and head to Vegas with your new hubby in Xavier.”

“However, like the noxious steak in the three pack, you just had to ruin it for everyone.”

“You revealed your true nature to the world by turning on your fiancĂ© and cashing in on him, something you promised you’d never do.”

“You’ve done Jet Set Radio’s job in order to become the most powerful woman on the roster.”

“You’ve disgusted the OSW family by revealing your real intentions and made them lose all respect they had for you.”

“bMf was thrown in the trash because of your rot, but I can still smell the stench.”

“So, at Scars and Stripes, I’m gonna finish the job by making sure the trash gets tossed out for good.”

“You’re a disloyal bitch that needs to be taken care of before your filth disgusts more of the OSW faithful.”

“And who better to take care of you than a hungry girl?”

“I might’ve worked with you to get what you wanted before, but since that belt is on the line, there’s no way I’m going to lay down and let you tarnish its history.”

“You and I are going to fight for that belt. And at the end of our battle, I’m going to walk out of the arena full and with a new belt to cherish.”

“Meanwhile, you’ll be trashed like the rotten steak you really are.”

“A hungry girl’s gotta eat and I won’t let a disgusting piece of shit like you ruin my appetite!”