Bird Cage

In Promo by Sir Gable

We all have our cages either put on us by others or ourselves that control our everyday decisions, our relationships, our lives in general.

Knowing this basic fact is the first step of escaping it.

I didn’t see it at the time but the first time I went to a wrestling practice, I locked myself in a cage that some would say I still haven’t fully escaped.

Like any oblivious animal kept in captivity for the majority of its life, I was content.

I was seen by a loving audience, I was well fed by the victims given to me. I was loved by an entire country. I thrived in my environment so why would I think I was trapped?

It wasn’t until I saw another animal in a similar cage that I knew I had to escape. I was a bald eagle allowed to fly as a beacon of everything America had to offer.

He was a Russian bear who had won gold in the last Olympics. He was the defending gold medalist and a mountain of a man. I did whatever it took to defeat him.

I used my agility and took him down with one swift motion. Once my talons were in, he didn’t stand a chance. I pinned him in what they dubbed the miracle on the mat.

It was only a miracle for me. I saw Russian police escort him out of the arena the moment after he received the silver medal. I had no idea what was going on at the time.

I eventually found out that while I was on the cover of a Wheaties box, he was in a windowless box. I represented freedom, he dreamed of it every day.

You see, in the days that led up to our match, the pressure got to him and he assaulted his coach. If he won the gold, they would have hidden his crime. The moment I pinned him, I sealed his fate.

If it wasn’t for that discovery, I wouldn’t have left my old life and came here. I never wanted to hurt someone like that.

You see, I didn’t see it as a cage until someone tried to escape it the wrong way.

I wonder if that’s what happened to you, my fellow escaped bird.

Your talents fed you for years, Death showed you off like America did me, the difference is you’d still be killing for him if it wasn’t for us.

You’re free now little bird but you’ve proved a major lack of competence in actually doing the escaping.

You grew comfortable like I did, assassin was more than a title for you just like olympian was more than a title for me.

It was your whole life and now what are you going to do?

Exactly, you have no plan and now you’re in another cage with the man who got you out.

Only this time, I’m not breaking you out, I’m making sure you stay in here for good.

Time to show you why Death chose the bald eagle over the crow.

The next cage you’ll be in is your coffin.