Green vs. Yellow

In Promo, Stubbins Doom by DOOM

[DOOM] “I once conducted an experiment.”

[DOOM] “I pit two teams against one another.”

[DOOM] “The first team, the green team, it was their task to infiltrate the hide out of the yellow team by any means necessary. They had one goal – get inside and destroy it from within.”

[DOOM] “The second team, the yellow team, had to defend their base against the intruders. They weren’t programmed to attack or make advancements on enemy territory. Their only goal was to stop the enemy from taking their base and controlling it.”

[DOOM] “Two very distinct teams with two very distinct programmable goals.”

[DOOM] “I sat back and watched as the invading army went to war with the defenders. They threw everything at them. All their might was behind their attacking force and wave after wave of attacks battered the enemy.”

[DOOM] “The defenders took to their defensive stations and beat back the invading tide of warriors. They used every method and means at their disposal to stop the invaders from taking their base and control.”

[DOOM] “The battle was long and arduous.”

[DOOM] “It continued long after it commenced, with neither yellow or green giving an inch. The casualties were many and the victor not in sight. Yet they continued to fight. It didn’t matter that neither side were winning. It didn’t matter that many had died in their attempts to attack or defend.”

[DOOM] “They were told to fight and they did.”

[DOOM] “That’s the very agreeable thing about war, isn’t it Drewitt?”

[DOOM] “The combatants carrying out the orders are mindless drones, programmed to do exactly what they’re told. They are commanded to run into battle and if necessary, die for the right of victory. They give everything, including their lives, to secure the victory required by a power much higher than themselves.”

[DOOM] “For a purpose much greater than they could ever dare to dream.”

[DOOM] “Men like you are soldiers in war, Drewitt. You are weak minded men, easily manipulated and manoeuvred by those who wish not to get their hands dirty but succeed none the less.”

[DOOM]And I?

[DOOM] “Well, I’m much like John The Revelator. I point the two armies at each other, press the button and watch them do as they’re told.”

[DOOM] “You and the other horseman, you’re the yellow team, you’re the green team, you attack and defend as you’re told. You go to war with a smile on your face, ready to die for a purpose designed by someone else.”

[DOOM] “I’m not like you.”

[DOOM]I’m the someone else.

[DOOM] “I’m watching the battlefield, observing.”

[DOOM] “My skin in the game is your lives and I flaunt that responsibility willingly.”

[DOOM] “Your demise means nothing to the war machine, whether you call yourself war, a horseman, a green-man or a yellow-man.”

[DOOM] “The result is the same.”

[DOOM] “We prosper. You perish.”

[DOOM]And all will bow before Doom.”