In Promo by Chronoa

What is the greatest weakness of the human species? Is it our need for sustenance to fuel every cell in our body? The reliance on spending hours a day in a prone unconciousness that science still cannot understand? The innate desire for more, the primal rage that thrives inside your soul, the self destructive wrath that renders even the most intelligent back to monkey?

It’s time and how little we have of it.

And since the beginning, humanity has tried to find ways to change that.

They turned to science, to religion, to fantasy. Engineered robotics, delved into the darkness, flirted with handsome strangers in the dead of night.

All so they can exorcise the ever encrouching disease of age, to create a self sustaining module to defy the natural order. To fulfil some childish wish for immortality.

And just like the fabled monkeys paw, once they have achieved it, they realise how it isn’t the blessing they always believed it would be.

As they see it for the curse it truly is.

You have lifetimes to indulge every fantasy you ever wanted but that becames mundane within a few generations.

The world advances beyond a rate you can comprehend as you become a relic amongst an increasingly advanced society.

And the worst of all is the loneliness. Because as you remain pristine a thousand years from now, everyone you ever cared about will have long since faded to dust.

Most immortals spend generations relishing in their freedom, their joy slipping away slowly over the centuries until eventually they spend every waking moment longing for the freedom of death.

They feel their mind slowly slip into the abyss, their heart slowly shrivel into darkness with every painful loss until they learn that life without meaning is just another version of hell.

In the end, only a childe would ever wish for immortality, and it’s a shame that even after a century, you still very much are one.

For all your strength, all your accolades, your little assassin trophies and your vampiric rise through the top as a prince of your precious little Camarilla, you still have not grasped the nature of the world you’ve stepped into.

A world that for all sense and purpose has grounded to a halt while the world still keeps spinning, a world where everything you ever knew and loved is dead.

Including the brother you hold dear.

Your attachment to the reality you threw away is your biggest weakness, the albatross around your neck that even the Impaler managed to use to manipulate you.

See the reason humanity was made with limits was to ensure we truly lived. Like we had a purpose, like tommorow would never come, like every fleeting moment had meaning.

And you take that away, you either lose yourself to the madness of keeping hold of your past or become numb and hollow to survive.

Unless you can let Lucien go, you’ll end up like so many of your kind.

Just dust in the wind of a childe who thought they could have it both ways.