In Promo by Zero

“My mom used to be a church goin’ woman.”

“Every Sunday in the hood, she’d drag us by the drug dealers, the hookers, and the gang bangers to go sit in some rickety broken-down church. Rain or shine, she’d have us dressed in our Sunday best and we’d go.”

“I tried everythin’ to get out of it. Every single fuckin’ week was a challenge to get my ass to that church. I was sick, I was dyin’, I was downright fuckin’ belligerent, but she made me go. She forced me, every… single… time.”

“But therein lies the problem, see. The more she pulled me into God, the harder I pushed away.”

“My childhood was spent poor as fuck, with barely two cents to rub together, in and out of food banks with a daddy I never met and all the while, my mother kept praying to her holy fuckin’ savior.”

“And she expected me to join her.”

“She tried makin’ me pray before bed.”

“Say grace before dinner.”

“She whooped my ass with a belt whenever I refused.”

“And despite all that, I didn’t hate my ma – naw, how I could I?”

“I chose to hate someone else instead.”

“Vayikra, you’re just like my mom.”

“You’re runnin’ around Old School Wrestling demandin’ that every mother fucker bow their head in prayer and listen to the good word of the Lord.”

“Yet no cunt is listenin’ right?”

“So, you push harder.”

“You take it a step further.”

“You crucify people.”

“You fuckin’ hang people.”

“You end up fuckin’ bigoted, tryin’ to stop men like Starboy stickin’ his dick in a plug socket.”

“All you want people to do is believe in your God, worship your God, follow your God..”

“Only that mother fucker is about as dead as my mom, right?”

“And where was he when she was on her deathbed, praying for a mother fuckin’ miracle? Where was God when she was sufferin’ excruciating debilitating pain? Where was God when you decided to hang, crucify, and brutalize people in his name?”

“The same place he always is…”

Fuckin’ no-where.”

“You bitches just don’t get it, do you?”

“The harder you push, the harder we push back.”

“The more you demand, the less we cede.”

“Everyone on this roster hates you and your fuckin’ God. You might be the word and the war, but the more you talk, the more we refuse to listen.”

“Just like he never fuckin’ listened, eh?”

“I always took those whoopin’s from my mom with a smile on my face because I knew there was nothin’ she could say or do to make me believe or love her fuckin’ God.”

“Next week, I’ll take a whoopin’ from you with the same fuckin’ smile.”

“The thing is, I’ll never stop hatin’ that mother fucker.”


“Fuck you, God.”

“And fuck Vayikra.”