Pick Up The Pieces

In Colt Ramsey, Promo by Colt Ramsey

As I’m left here looking at all this shattered glass left in my darkroom, I’m stuck picking up the pieces. My hard work to break this story has simply left me broken, trying to put it all back together.

How do you rebuild from something like this? When you reach such a low point in your life, where do you go?

Some would look to throw their old life away, start over from scratch, maybe even adopt a new identity. In their eyes, what’s past is past, and they can only look forward to what’s ahead.

They’d like to believe they can hide all that dirty laundry, wash their hands of what they’ve done…but their stained reputation peeks through, never giving them a chance to actually move on with their life.

Your past always comes back to haunt you, and in Arcadia that can become a major problem.

Because deep within the hearts of the people there is a yearning to rise up against an oppressive system…and an equal desire to crush such resistance. Two stories, tied together with a single thread.


You have the Uprising looking to end his reign of rule over Arcadia, and you have those who would see the Baron remain seated in power forever. These sides push and pull, trying to have their way…and you know who’s caught in the middle of it all?

The people.

Arcadia itself, on every level, is left to pick up the pieces of this endless cycle of violence…and all because someone has to be right. Whether it’s the Uprising or those siding with Zeus, this has been a war centered about one way being the only true way.

And look at the mess it’s caused.

Arcadians laid to waste in the wake of Uprising protests, property destroyed because the Arcadian police force see fit to enforce Zeus’s rule by any means necessary. And who wishes to clean this mess up?

It won’t be Narcissa Balenciaga, with the secrets she holds so close to her chest. She knows her part in all this, and hiding all that dirty laundry won’t help her anymore. The stains in your reputation are bleeding through, Narcy-doll.

And it can’t be Harold Attano, because to me you’re not a Nobody…you’re something far worse. You know your part in all this, and yet you have the audacity to call me out for answers?

Everyone wants answers, but who is willing to deal with the repercussions? Everyone wants to be right, but who is willing to admit fault in all this?

Maybe it’s me. Perhaps I should’ve walked away from this story a long time ago…but I am far too stubborn for that. I could never walk away from something without completion.

I have to needle this thread.

And at Hail to the King, I have to pick up the pieces. If I have to beat Narcissa and Attano to prove my point, I will.

The people want the truth…and Colt Ramsey’s here to deliver it.