Sweet Tooth

In Blacktooth, Promo by Blacktooth

“You ever had a cravin’ you need to feel?”

“Somethin’ that makes your stomach stir and your cock twitch?”

“Mouth waterin’ at the thought of a fresh pussy to fuck or a mountain of nose candy to bury your face in.”

“Every man got his vice that’ll make him willin’ to trade his friends for profit so long as it means he gets his fill.”

“Thing is, for most, their addictions make ’em weak.”

“Needlin’ your veins, fill ’em with toxic shit that’ll just make ya thin and jumpy.”

“Tradin’ your dignity for some girl to sit on your face or grab your cock so you can feel good for ten seconds. You know their weakness as soon as you see ’em. Nothin’ matters but the drink or the girls. Scrawny lil prey scratchin’ their necks waitin’ for their next hit while bein’ willin’ to pay just about anythin’ to get it in their hands.”

“You ain’t got no problem takin’ advantage of little bastards like that, do ya Drex? Every last addict who lands in your clubs is willin’ to shell out his last credit just so you can scratch his itch. They’re pathetic, disgustin’ little things. Hell, my boys won’t even eat ’em if they’re hungry. Skin and bone with blood toxic on the tongue.”

“They’re real easy to bully and push around, ain’t they? Put a gun to their head and they’re droppin’ to the ground and beggin’ for their lives. Sorry they crossed ya, willin’ to do anythin’ to make sure they can walk outta your sight so they can continue their pitiful little lives. Ain’t never been an addict you couldn’t sink your teeth into and tear apart at the seams, eh?”

“Til you decided to step foot in my fuckin’ compound, boy.”

“See, my pack? We’re addicts too. Helluva thing.”

“Only, we ain’t fuckin’ whores and snortin’ lines. Nah, we’re doin’ what you wish you could do. We dig our teeth into the supple flesh of human prey and rip sinew from bone. Blood drips from our lips and we gulp back the viscera like it’s our last night in Arcadia.”

“Unlike your usual clientele, we ain’t weak. We’re feral, vicious. You come to collect and all you gonna get is a pair of teeth in your throat and your blood on my lips.”

“You know it, don’t ya, Drex? We ain’t the kinda weak-willed fucks you usually push around. You’re smarter than that.”

“So you made a deal.”

“I ain’t gonna back down on my end, boy. But every deal has it’s price.”

“I’m gettin’ my pound of flesh.”

“You’re gonna feed my addiction. I’m gonna bite, claw, and tear until I’m scrapin’ bone if I gotta. We ain’t leavin’ that ring til I’ve had my fill.”

“So put out that arm, sharkie. Lemme get a lil taste of the product.”

“And who knows…”

“If it’s as good as you say?”

“I might just ring that dinner bell.”