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I was greeted by the voices every morning when I was locked up in testing. T

Incredibly vicious voices, at that.

They begged me not to get up. They tried to convince me that where I was just had to be better than anything else.

These vicious voices were the same ones that had kept the other dozen tests like me in that bed for far longer than they should’ve been.

Masterfully manipulative, these voices transformed people like laughing gas – to the point at which the only thing that even mattered were those voices.

If you ignored them, they would just get louder.

It would grow so intolerable that sedation became the only recourse – and that was when you really focused on those voices. Once you were stabilized, right where they wanted you, they would try to rearrange everything about you.

Now if you managed to make it out that? That’s when the voices you wanted to hear would arrive.

But it takes a very special person, with layers upon layers to them, to find their way through the voices to a place of ease.

Perhaps the bad voices haven’t left you because deep down, your legacy only covers about as much as your mask does.

You hear the voices of those that carried your identity previously, and they’re like missiles of disdain heading straight for your head –

Whereas for me? Silence.

Because to them, I’m a hero.

I brought them a sense of satisfaction that’s like a lifetime warranty, and I followed through by eliminating the seed that brought all of this to life to begin with.

These voices of yours, Legion, it’s all just reminders that you’ve got some unfinished business to tend to.

But you’re bad boy, arentcha’? Just stern in your refusal to pay those voices the attention they deserve for all of the messy beds you’ve made. I don’t have your autobiography, I’m sad to say, but it’s no crime to speculate that those hands of yours are just dirty as sin – nor is it wrong to speculate that my speculations are right on target.

I know that I hate being disregarded – what do you think those voices reaching out to you with their frustrations think when you immediately turn to point fingers before tending to their needs – their wants?

It’s just a selfish way to live, Legion, and it is chain of command for consequences to arise, you know?

No – you don’t know.

I could speak of stories of those that were in similar circumstances as mine, who disrespected the voices in his head as blatantly as they could. And they turned on him in ways that nightmares are made of, as blatantly as they could.

But prove me wrong, Legion.

Do those voices not have the anchor that I believe they do on you? Then hurt me like you wish to hurt those voices.

Do the things that you only wish you could do to Chronoa – to me.

Show me that the voices haven’t gotten the better of you – because if they have?

I’m the last the person you want as your company.